Travelling With Contacts and Glasses

Contact Lenses

  • Make sure you have enough solution to last for your holiday as your solution may not be available abroad.
  • Ask your practitioner about mini-packs of solution, many of which are available in small bottles and will save packing large bulky bottles.
  • Don't be tempted to decant solutions into smaller bottles as you risk introducing bacteria and contaminating the solution.
  • Never rinse your lenses in tap water, especially abroad, where the water may contain micro-organisms. Always use saline to rinse your lenses.
  • In case your lenses become uncomfortable or your luggage gets lost, always travel with your care kit in your hand luggage.
  • As cabin air is very dry, some eyes may become too dry for comfortable lens wear. On short flights, wear your contact lenses, but ask your practitioner about lubricating drops to re-moisten your eyes and have a pair of specs to change into. For long-haul flights, it is advisable just to wear spectacles, especially if you plan to sleep.
  • Remember, NEVER swim or do water sports in your lenses, as sea water and pool water can be dirty, containing eye infection-causing bacterium.

Spectacles and sunglasses

  • Sunglasses that protect eyes against UVB and UVA are essential. Ensure sunglasses have a BS2724 mark, which ensures they conform to British Standards in quality and durability.
  • If you are a spectacle wearer, consider prescription sunglasses, especially if you plan to drive (in several countries, the law requires that at all times you have a back-up pair of prescription spectacles/lenses in the car).
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