Short-sighted Fashion Victims

Brits might look good but can they see well?

Short-sighted Brits are skimping on eye care in favour of looking good, according to a new survey1 launched to mark the start ofNational Eye Week (11 - 17 September). Spectacle-wearers spend 10 times more on fashion accessories than they do on eye wear - and over a third put off crucial eye tests so they can spend more on clothes.

A fifth of folk say they only ever change their eye wear if there is a big shift in fashion; not wanting to look like Deidre Barlow when everyone else is dressing like Sienna Miller.

The poll of 2,000 people was conducted by the sight charity the Eyecare Trust and HealthSure, one of the UK’s leading healthcare cash plan providers.

It revealed that spectacle wearers spend an average of £979.68 a year on fashion accessories, but a measly £100.92 on their eye wear.

And we’d rather put our pennies towards the latest trends, than dole out on a new pair of spectacles.

In fact, 39 per cent of people say that their finances often determine whether or not they bother to have regular eye tests in the first place - as they prefer to save any spare cash for their next shopping trip.

Iain Anderson, Chairman of the Eyecare Trust said: "People are putting off having regular eye examinations despite the fact that an eye test is an essential health check. Not only can it detect problems with your vision it can also uncover a number of underlying health conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes."

Iain continues: "Even if you do require vision correction, and are not one of the 10 million people in the UK entitled to free or subsidised eye care on the NHS, then the cost of a new pair of glasses could be as little as the cost of a new DVD. So there really should be no excuse for having regular eye examinations and keeping your eye wear prescription up to date!"

The poll revealed that Brits will spend a whopping £636.96 a year on clothes – that’s an average of £53.08 a month.

And a further £28.56 a month, or £342.72 a year, will be spent on shoes.

But perhaps the biggest extravagance of all is the £1,044.84 spent a year on socialising with friends in pubs and clubs.

In contrast, folk place far less importance on their eyesight, and 12 per cent are more concerned with the way they look, than their deteriorating eye sight.

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