About Gift Aid

Find out more about Gift Aid below or complete a Gift Aid Declaration now to make your gifts to the Eyecare Trust go further.
How does it work?
If you give £1 in the normal way the Eyecare Trust will receive £1. However, if you Gift Aid your donation we are able to claim tax relief meaning the Trust will receive £1.28 for every £1 you pledge - at no extra cost to you!
Who can use Gift Aid?
Anyone who has paid enough income tax or capital gains tax to cover the amount reclaimed by the Trust in the current financial year can use Gift Aid.
What if I'm a higher taxpayer?
As a higher rate taxpayer you can reclaim 18 per cent personal tax relief on your donation - 23p in every pound you donate.
Gift Aid
For more information visit the Inland Revenue website: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/charities/gift-aid.htm
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