Press Release Archive

Press release archive from the year 2008.
Get UV protected on the slopes
The Trust is warning skiers and snowboarders of the risks of injuring their eyes on the slopes. Remarkably, the most common skiing injury is not to legs or arms – but to eyes! It’s not flailing... ‹more›
Blind Britain
Money worries put millions of Brits at risk of avoidable sight loss Twenty million Brits are putting their sight at risk by failing to have regular sight tests, according to a new study* launched to mark... ‹more›
Poor lifestyles fuel alarming increase in sight loss
Sight charity, the Eyecare Trust*, today warned how poor lifestyles are fuelling an alarming decline in the UK’s vision as official figures predict the number of people with sight loss in the UK will double... ‹more›
Trust welcomes new corporate patron
The Eyecare Trust is delighted to announce that Birmingham Optical Group, arguably the UK’s leading supplier of ophthalmic instruments and machines, has become its 10th corporate patron. Patrons pledge an annual subscription to the Trust for... ‹more›
Is your summer eyewear roadworthy?
Car windscreens and motorcycle helmets have built-in UV protection, however, many motorists find that wearing sunglasses helps to reduce glare and provide added comfort in strong sunlight. Look out for the CE or BS EN 1836:2005... ‹more›
Know the risks and save your sight
To mark World Glaucoma Day (6 March) the Trust is launching a simple questionnaire designed to help people assess their own risk of developing glaucoma* - a sight-threatening condition that affects more than half a... ‹more›
 Don't be blind to the dangers of DIY
As the DIY season kicks off in earnest over the Easter bank holiday weekend, national sight charity, the Eyecare Trust is warning all would-be builders, decorators and plumbers about the dangers of ‘doing it yourself’. Every... ‹more›
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