About the Trust

The Trust is a registered charity that exists to raise awareness of all aspects of eye health and the importance of regular eyecare. The charity is governed by a board of trustees representing a broad range of interests from across optics.
Public information campaigns
The Trustís public information campaigns help ensure that eyecare is kept high on the publicís health agenda and provide valuable advice and information through the media, advertising and other marketing activity.
The campaigns cover a diverse range of topics from nutrition and the eye to Sight after Sixty and driversí eye wear.
The charity also operates a public information line. Tel 0845 129 5001.
Practioner resources
Practitioner resources
The Trust produces a range of practitioner resources designed to help enhance patient care and assist in the promotion of eye health issues to local communities.
Resources include patient information leaflets, clinical fact sheets, posters and template press releases.
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