Eye Information

Search our detailed eyecare guides for advice and information about caring for your sight, the choices that are available to you and the benefits of entrusting your eye health to registered professionals.
A - Z eye conditions
This section provides advice and information on a wide range of eye conditions from Adie’s Pupil to Uveitis. Each fact sheet can be printed for future reference.
Guide to healthy sight
This section provides a comprehensive guide to eyecare with advice and information on everything from treating the symptoms of hayfever to your NHS entitlements and how to retire with good vision.
Looking good and seeing well
Here’s our indespensible guide to choosing the right eye wear to suit your face-shape, lifestyle and even your pocket! This section also includes advice about buying sunglasses and UV protective lenses.
If you suffer from an eye disorder or injury, then optical treatments can significantly improve your vision and quality of life. This section contains detailed information regarding common optical treatments and procedures.
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