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Press release archive from the year 2007.
Millions of pensioners needlessly risk depression and bad falls
Study finds that failing to care for ageing eyes has major impact on physical and emotional well-being of older people. Pensioners who fail to have regular eye tests risk depression and feel isolated and vulnerable according... ‹more›
Routine eye examination reveals life-threatening tumour
Forty-five minutes after walking in to his optician for a routine eye examination Terry Arber (62) was sitting feeling completely “stunned” as his optometrist, Gordon Ilett, explained that what Terry describes as a “grass stain”... ‹more›
Festive eye care
A guide to looking after your eyes during the festive season! The Christmas party season can play havoc with your eyes so the Eyecare Trust has produced some hints and tips to help keep your eyes... ‹more›
See the benefits of making a New Year resolution
Resolving to eat healthily, take regular exercise, quit smoking and reduce your alcohol consumption can not only help you look great and feel fitter it can also help you see better! According to the Eyecare Trust... ‹more›
World Sight Day 11 October 2007
Millions of children worldwide are blind and in the developing world, much of this is poverty related and easily preventable. In the UK we are more fortunate but there are still over 24,000 children registered blind.... ‹more›
Trust publishes business plan
The Eyecare Trust has published a business plan outlining its vision for the future. The three-year plan contains strategies to help deliver a higher profile for eye health, regular eye examinations and good eye care... ‹more›
Rembember, remember!
Don’t be blind to the dangers of bonfire night - follow the SPARKLER firework code! Sight care charity, the Eyecare Trust today (23 October) issued a stark warning about the dangers of fireworks as it launched... ‹more›
Parents put on UV Alert
Kids’ sight put at risk as parents ignore dangers of the sun’s harmful rays As summer finally arrives, the sight charity, Eyecare Trust, is issuing a stark warning to parents to protect their children’s eyes from... ‹more›
Back to school eye exam can boost educational performance
Kids are being urged to sit an exam before they even set foot back inside the classroom as the sight charity, Eyecare Trust, warns that one in five school-aged children has an undiagnosed vision problem... ‹more›
National Eye Week 2007 to focus on eye care for over 60s
The Eyecare Trust today announced plans for the thirteenth annual National Eye Week. The week of high profile events and activities will kick-off on Monday 10 December and focus on eye care for the over... ‹more›
Unnecessary Sight Loss causes falls in Older People
A national conference hosted by the Eye Health Alliance in association with Help the Aged and the RNIB last week highlighted how poor vision can greatly increase the risk of falls in older people. Falls represent... ‹more›
Board changes at the Eyecare Trust
The Eyecare Trust today announced the appointment of two new trustees. Nigel Burnett Hodd BSc, FCOptom, Dip.CLP joins as a lay representative and Louise Devine BSc Hons has been elected to represent the Association of... ‹more›
The ABC of AMD
New patient information leaflet provides low-down on AMD A new patient information leaflet published by the Eyecare Trust, in association with Rubicon exotic juice drinks, provides patients with the essential facts about age-related macular degeneration (AMD)... ‹more›
UK Scientists Set Sights on Cure for AMD
Scientists are to begin clinical trials of a groundbreaking surgical therapy capable of stabilising and restoring vision of patients who currently suffer vision loss as a result of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). The therapy, using cells... ‹more›
See the benefits of a smoke free England
Quit smoking when England bans smoking in enclosed public places on 1st July and you can reduce your risk of suffering a serious eye disease. Tobacco contains toxic compounds, which can damage the eye and lead... ‹more›
 Hints and Tips for Hay Fever Sufferers
The Eyecare Trust issues advice for the thirteen million hay fever sufferers in the UK as experts predict that 2007 could be a record for grass pollen counts. Symptoms of this pollen allergy, which include itchy... ‹more›
A Tasty Way to Enjoy the Benefits of Good Eye Care
The Eyecare Trust will tantalise taste buds at Optrafair 2007, as visitors to the Trust’s stand (P142) will have the opportunity to sample a delicious new papaya juice drink. The Trust is supporting the launch of... ‹more›
Eyecare Trust Launches Student Membership Scheme
The Eyecare Trust launched a new student membership scheme at Optrafair 2007. The new scheme, which is open to anyone studying an optics related discipline – from under graduate to pre-registration – will provide an... ‹more›
Play Safe, Protect Your Eyes
Sport is now the biggest cause of hospital admission for serious eye injury in the UK and it’s not just the obvious sports that pose a risk. Every year around 50 people are rushed to hospital... ‹more›
Eye Love You!
With the scent of love in the air as we approach Valentine’s Day the Eyecare Trust can reveal that finding your perfect match could be as simple as looking into a potential suitor’s eyes! Eye colour... ‹more›
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