Press Release Archive

Press release archive from the year 2011.
Exciting new collaboration puts vision in the driving seat
National sight charity, the Eyecare Trust and not-for-profit health cash plan provider Westfield Health, are to team up for a joint public eye health campaign designed to highlight motorists’ legal obligation to ensure their vision... ‹more›
Screen addicts are asked to look away now!
Goggle-eyed office workers are being encouraged to take a break during National Eye Health Week (13 – 19 June 2011) after a poll1 – commissioned by the Eyecare Trust and Simplyhealth –... ‹more›
Viewing the solar eclipse
The Department of Health has issued the following eye safety advice for viewing the partial eclipse on Tuesday 4 January. "Between 8am and 9.30am, the moon will pass across the face of the sun, creating a... ‹more›
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