Press Release Archive

Press release archive from the year 2009.
Transitions Optical Back to School Campaign
Eyecare Trust Patron Transitions Optical, a leading provider of variable tint lenses for spectacles, has launched a new dedicated website aimed at 7-11 year olds to promote eye health. The website is a fun and... ‹more›
A Year in Review
The Trust reported on another successful year at its recent Annual General Meeting held at Gloucester Terrace, London W2 6LD on 22 April. Once again the charity demonstrated its ability to deliver high impact public information... ‹more›
 Know the risks and save your sight
Half a million Brits are blind to the fact that they are losing their sight to glaucoma – a common eye disease that is often symptom-less until vision has been irrecoverably lost. To mark World Glaucoma... ‹more›
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