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Press release archive from the year 2010.
World Sight Day (11 October 2012)
Ninety per cent of Brits say sight is the sense they dread losing the most. Yet an astonishing 40 per cent of us don’t have our eyes checked every two years, as recommended. Worse still,... ‹more›
Back to school sight test
Kids are being urged to sit an exam before they even set foot back inside the classroom as the sight charity, Eyecare Trust, warns that one in five school-aged children has an undiagnosed vision problem... ‹more›
Ignorance may be bliss, but it could leave you blind!
A quarter of a million Brits are at risk of going blind because they are living with undiagnosed glaucoma* – a sight threatening eye disease that is often symptom-less until vision has been irrecoverably lost. Glaucoma... ‹more›
Love really can be blind!
Keep love in the air this Valentine’s Day, not flying champagne corks warns national sight charity, the Eyecare Trust. Every year scores of people across the UK sustain serious eye injuries – and, in... ‹more›
3D Vision
Are the latest 3-D blockbusters like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland an amazing cinematic experience or just one big headache? If you’ve experienced visual discomfort or headaches whilst watching a 3-D movie then you’re not alone.... ‹more›
As the UK’s obesity crisis burgeons, millions of overweight Brits are blind to the fact that their unhealthy lifestyles mean they are twice as likely to lose their sight as someone with a normal BMI... ‹more›
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